About Pulpit and Politics

Pulpit and Politics explores the complex relationship between religious faith and public life in Canada and elsewhere. This is not merely a topic of interest but rather it has an effect upon the lives of millions of people.

There has been a perception among academics, journalists and other opinion leaders that secularism reigns and that organized religion, not to mention private religious conviction, have become largely irrelevant to people.

But far from fading away, religion has come to play an increasingly prominent public role in contemporary societies. One has only to think about the Iranian and Nicaraguan revolutions; the impact of liberation theology in places such as Brazil; the role of the church in Poland; the rise of the evangelical right in the United States, Canada and elsewhere; the rise of militant Sikhism, as well as Islamic and Jewish fundamentalism.  If ever religion was a marginalized force, it has rebounded markedly, and not always for the better.

There is a good deal of research and writing in the United States and elsewhere about how important it is to understand the motivation and tactics of religious groups that involve themselves in the public square.  Far less attention has been devoted to the topic in Canada. Pulpit & Politics helps to fill that gap.