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Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Churches plan related events

Anglican mission school, La Ronge, Sask. LAC photo

On June 2, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) will release its report on the legacy of residential schools. The TRC was appointed by the federal government to examine the …

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Security versus civil rights

Debating anti-terrorism Bill C-51

Stephen Harper announces anti-terrorism measures. PMO photo.

There’s an intense debate happening in Parliament and now in the streets over Bill C-51, which the Harper government says is needed to prevent terrorism on Canadian soil. …

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Manning talkfest showcases "vapid conservatism”

MP John Williamson, foot in mouth

Preston Manning fancies himself a big thinker and his recent networking conference in Ottawa was billed as an intellectual event for the conservative movement. But National Post columnist Andrew …

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Pope Francis’ second anniversary

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Pope Francis, Time magazine’s Person of the Year in 2013

Fascination with Pope Francis continues as he approaches on March 13 the second anniversary of his election. The New York Review …

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Physician assisted death

Supreme Court rules, faith groups respond

May Court Hospice provides        palliative care

The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down a law that makes it a crime for physicians to assist in the death of individuals who are grievously ill. …

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Money talks

CBC bans journalists from making paid appearances

Peter Mansbridge, CBC photo

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has been forced by growing public criticism into prohibiting its on-air employees from giving speeches — that sometimes netted thousands of dollars per appearance — to corporations and industry groups.

The directive in …

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Sir John A Macdonald and presentism

How do we judge him for starving indigenous people?

Sir John A, Macdonald, Wikipedia photo

The Canadian Establishment has begun to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Sir John A Macdonald’s birth in 1815. Prime Minister Harper even skipped events to honour the Charlie Hebdo victims in …

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Christians persecuted in the Middle East

What can Canada do?

Mosques and churches in Damascus, 2010

Recently a friend who is a Christian of Lebanese origin asked when I am going to write about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. We sat down for most …

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